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Top Shelf Engagement Wish Jar With 100 Tickets, Pen, and Decorative Lid

Give the gift of well wishes, personal messages, and thoughtful words of wisdom with the Top Shelf Engagement Wish Jar. Marriage is a wonderful life changing experience. With all the personal wishes and words of wisdom, you’ll help spread joy, happiness, and a touch of wisdom with each ticket that is placed in the jar.


1. Place the Top Shelf Engagement Wish Jar out at the engagement party or bridal shower with tickets and pens where guests can easily find it.

2. Guests will each fill out a ticket with either their well wishes, a personal message, or their words of wisdom for the years to come.

3. After filling out each ticket, guests will place their ticket in the Wedding Wish Jar for the newly engaged couple to read.

4. The couple can read the tickets all at once at the party, 1 a day leading up to their wedding day, or whenever they feel a need for words of encouragement or wisdom.


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