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Top Shelf Love Notes Memory Jar Kit with 180 Tickets, Pen, and Decorative Lid

Break out of the norm and give a unique and personalized gift to your significant other with a Top Shelf Love Notes Memory Jar. By filling out the tickets with romantic messages and joyful memories, you’ll be helping save something that cannot be sold in and memories.


1. Every time you have a romantic message or happy memory to share with your partner, fill out a ticket.

2. Once the tickets have been filled out, add them to the jar. You'll be surprised at how quickly it fills up!

3. Before you know it, the jar is full.

4. Give the full jar to your husband or wife for them to read all the messages and memories you have to share with them.

Buy your Love Notes Memory Jar today and start saving love notes for that special person in your life!


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