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Top Shelf Retirement Wish Jar With 100 Tickets, Pen, and Decorative Lid

Retirement is an exciting time in everyone’s life. You finally get to leave the workforce and enjoy the years filled with fun and excitement. Be prepared to fill those days with all the exciting projects and adventures you have dreamed about by filling out tickets with your retirement wishes and keeping them in your Top Shelf Retirement Wish Jar. You can also break out of the norm and give a retirement gift that will have special meaning for the new retiree by giving them a Top Shelf Retirement Wish Jar.


1. Place the wish jar out at retirement party with blank tickets and pens where guests can easily find them. OR Keep your Retirement Wish Jar at your home for your own personal retirement wishes.

2. Guests then fill out tickets with their own personal wishes and expressions of congratulations for the new retiree to enjoy. OR You fill out your own tickets with all the projects and adventures you wish to do after retirement.

3. Once the tickets have been filled out, add them to the jar. You'll be surprised at how quickly it fills up!

4. Before you know it, the jar is full. Then all the well wishes and future ambitions can be enjoyed long after you leave the workplace for good.


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